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    Since 2004 we at Remote Viewing Enterprises (R.V.E.) have been offering our customers reliable economic information. The guaranteed success rate of 75% accuracy was constantly maintained during this period as a result of our high quality guidelines.

    To strengthen our team, we offer trained Remote Viewers as well as naturally endowed people a future-proof and since 15 years well-proven job.

    Use your abilities/skills to turn your hobby into a well-paid profession and join our team!

    Your tasks:

    • Processing tasks with a success rate of at least 75% (Number of correct processed tasks in a week).
    • Each day (Monday to Friday) up to 6 project tasks are made available.
    • No obligation to work. Everyone decides for themselves when and how many tasks they want to perform.


    Expenditure of time:

    • The maximum time required for one session is one hour.



    • You decide where you want to work.
    • Internet connection required for access to the Web-BackOffice.
    • Scanner or scan app required (to upload the processed tasks)



    Your Profile:

    • You have already successfully completed a training as a Remote Viewer and have the ability to successfully process at least 75% of the tasks.


    • You have an ability/natural endowment that enables you to successfully process at least 75% of the tasks.


    • You have a technique or another possibility to successfully process at least 75% of the tasks.



    Our Offer:

    • 75-287 CAD* per correct processed tasks submitted (depending on the quality and the number of tasks submitted)
    • 100% payment for 75% accuracy (for example, if 3 of 4 tasks in a week were processed correctly, all 4 tasks will be paid)
    • Weekly payment for the work performed in the previous week.


    *Amounts may vary due to currency fluctuations. (based on 50-190 EURO)



    Send your meaningful application with CV to services[at]